Input output modules

Everything you need to solve home and industrial automation tasks

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Use cases

Modules are working inside UC HUB system via Modbus protocol. Our devices are made to work flawlessly with each other.

Existing automation systems with Modbus protocol could be integrated with our modules with little effort.

Case sizes

Slim. Has lots of IOs (up to 16) and the thinnest case on market (1 DIN place). Has attachment to DIN rail and shallow depth (120 mm). Slim case allows great savings of space inside automation box.

Mini. Designed for small projects. Modules with such case have attachment to DIN rail and coulb be installed inside automation box. Width 1 DIN place.

Despite small size, modules have same properties as modules in other sizes.

Standard. Standard case has width of 5 DIN places and standard depth of 62 mm. Devices with such case could be installed inside automation box of any depth.

Compact. This case was designed to fit in projects without automation box or when cables are not possible. Size: 44x44 H25 mm.

Discrete input modules

Power independent memory. Resource consumption monitoring.

High frequency counter, up to 1 kHz in each module.

Use of encoders.

All inputs have an optical isolation.

Wide range of inputs quantity.

Discrete output modules

Output current up to 0.5A.

Discrete, relay and thyristor outputs.

Wide range of outputs quantity.

Analog input modules

Inputs with current and/or potential.

Additional discrete output in every module.

Modules for resistance thermometers and thermo couples.

Wide range of inputs quantity.

Analog output modules

Outputs control current or potential.

Output type configuration.

Wide range of outputs quantity.

Configuration methods

Connection via USB does not require additional hardware.

Connection via RS232 allows to configure many devices on one cable.

Portable software. All connected devices are displayed in software instantly. Module setup does not requires special knowledge and skills. Interface in English, Polish and Russian languages.